Digital Marketing


Welcome to Admark, the home of Content-Driven Digital Marketing. Here is a quick overview of our approach and why you need it to succeed online.

Search is the element of marketing that focuses on people using the Internet to socialize, locate products, services and information they require. Content-Driven Digital Marketing is essential for every business to achieve website visibility, help reach target market segment, generate sales and build brand positioning in the most effective way.

There are four traditional main elements of digital marketing:


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) sometimes called 'natural' or 'organic'.
  • Search Engine Marketing or CPC (often called 'paid search').
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM) which is driven by creating rich content and supported by paid advertising PPC auction.
  • Rich Banner Advertising.


The first two are based on keywords chosen to target client SEO and PPC /CPM campaigns. While, display advertising could be part of rich display campaign that is content or behavior driven based on either the content of the targeted portals and web sites or the ad serving technology that is being used.

In addition to SEO, CPC, CPM and SMM, we use content as the single most effective method of boosting the impact of a client's website, through search engines and social media.

When prospective customers use search engines to find specific products or services, the results feature both organic and paid listings. The higher the ranking of the client's website appear in these listings, the more traffic the website will attract. Rankings are determined by the search engine algorithms; a combination of complex criteria by which the quality of client’s website is assessed. No one knows exactly how websites are ranked by search engines such as Google, so beware of search marketing companies that offer guarantees on number one rankings in just one month! One of the biggest myths of search marketing is a guarantee on traffic volume and high rankings for keywords. That being said, we can make some reasonable assumptions on what the search engines value in a website.

From our experience in the industry, we know that search engines look for relevance, authority, and high quality content. Well-constructed, easy to use websites that contain plenty of useful content relating to the business are more likely to achieve high rankings.

To attain high organic rankings clients need an experienced SEO company. Good SEO is not based on quick wins, it is a long-term investment in the success of a client’s website, and includes constant testing, adjusting and refining. SEO looks at all the details of a client’s website; on-page content, structure, usability and technical architecture. It also focuses on off-page elements, such as guest blogging and links to complementary sites. All this together ensures the client’s site is relevant, authoritative and of a higher value.

PPC is the method of paying the search engines to show an ad with the intention of attracting web users to client website. PPC offers businesses rapid results, as it is quick to set up and can start delivering instantly. It is very simple to create an account to manage a PPC campaign, but requires knowledge and experience to ensure the client’s budget is not wasted and their website gets the right traffic. Higher ranked ad positions for PPC campaign are based on value of bidding, for keywords and the quality of client ads.

There are many measures for PPC campaigns:


  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Cost per acquisition (CPA)
  • Click through rates (CTR) and more.


All of which help determine how to adjust and refine the client’s campaign. At Admark we use all this data, but most importantly the indicator for PPC success is the client‘s Return On Investment (ROI).

Our Content marketing services are based on the creation and implementation of high quality, unique content researched and written by our in-house team of professional specialized content copywriters. Adding news, evergreen and social content to the client’s website and social media pages supporting their authority, boosts search engine appeal and builds customer loyalty.

Admark has been delivering superlative search marketing services to customers for 6 years. Our content-driven approach to search marketing is the only way businesses can achieve outreach, results and return as needed to dominate search for their industry.